Monday, December 18, 2017

Top 3 Professional Year Providers in Australia

If you’re studying engineering, accounting or IT in Australia and want to live in this country permanently, then you can think of joining Professional Year Melbourne program. The program is designed for international students who have completed their graduation degree from an Australian institution. Managed by the respective professional bodies and recognised by the DIBP, the PY aims at enhancing the employability of overseas students.

There are various benefits of completing PY, but top four benefits are:

  • Qualify for five migration points: The completion of the program earns five migration points towards permanent residency (PR) in Australia.
  • Professional work experience: The program includes a 12-week internship with an Australian host company.
  • Understand workplace culture: The program enables you to understand the Australian workplace culture, ethics, and language. It also improves your CV and interview skills.
  • Build industry network: The PY program will help you create your own network in the industry.

Following are some well-known PY providers:

Navitas Professional: Navitas Professional Year is a career-focused program designed for outstanding employment outcomes. Navitas Professional has been offering PY program since 2008, and it’s the only provider to offer this program in ICT, Accounting and Engineering in five Australian states.

Monash Professional Pathways: Being the first PY provider, Monash Professional Pathways helps graduates to make a successful and smooth transition from formal education to professional career. It has an extensive network of internship host companies, across a wide range of roles and industries.

Education Centre of Australia: The ECA is an approved PY provider in consultation with the CPA Australia, Australian Computer Society, and the Institutes of Public Accountants. It has been offering high-quality PY program to accounting and ICT graduates since 2008.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the PY program, you must:

  • Have completed your graduation from an Australian university (minimum two years duration)
  • Hold or applied for subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate visa)
  • Provide evidence of English language proficiency

The program applies to the international students who’ve studied accounting, IT or engineering courses in Brisbane or elsewhere in Australia.

So, if you’re committed to realising your Australian dreams, you must join the PY program.
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Friday, December 15, 2017

3 Things to Remember When Hiring an Education Agent in Australia

The popularity of overseas education has led to the emergence of students planning to study abroad. If you happen to be a student pursuing higher education in Australia¸ you need to hire an education consultant Sydney to get proper information about the career opportunities and other options.

However, there are many situations in which overseas students have been misguided by the education agents and have lost their time and money and even risked their visas. So, if you want to seek any help from an education expert or migration agent, you can adhere to the following tips to identify the right agent for you:

Choose an authorised representative

Any education agent can claim to be an official representative of an educational institution or university. You need to check whether the agent is an authorised representative of the institution or not. Under the Australia Law, every Australian institute or university that uses the services of an education consultant or agent needs to have a contract with him/her as well as list him/her on its website. You can confirm this by going through the institute’s website to see if the agent is listed there.

Your agent should have expertise in the Australian market

Only an education or migration agent in Melbourne who has experience in helping overseas students can understand your problem and help you resolve it. There are many agents who will offer you in-depth knowledge of the Australian education system, visa requirements and PR options. Don’t forget to check if the agent whom you are looking to hire has experience of being an overseas student himself or not.

Your agent should be honest with you

An education consultant or agent doesn’t guarantee a permanent visa or work placement in Australia. Their job is to guide you through the best education pathway. You should keep away from the one who promises you a permanent residency (PR) or employment in exchange for money.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What do you need to score high at PTE exam Australia?

You may probably not know how significant the PTE exam is when it comes to applying for admission to your preferred courses in Australia. This test is a gateway leading to your dream course. It is important to have English language proficiency when you want to study your higher education abroad. Australian Government has made it compulsory for every immigrant to be equipped communication skills. It is because English is the official language of the country. Persons with the inability to communicate in this language will find difficult to get a job and would remain unemployed in most of the cases.

Even in universities and other educational institutions all the faculties and teaching staffs teach in English. Overseas students attending the seminars, conferences and even for writing assignments need a considerable amount of proficiency in the language. The more you score in the test, the better your proficiency will get demonstrated. And the score secured here is accepted and even asked for in Australian educational institutes and universities. Even for applying for a visa, immigration department will ask you to prove your proficiency, and this test score will be accepted. This PTE exam Australia became very much popular and helped people in hundreds to migrate there.    

Where and how to book your PTE Academic exam to avail the discount?

If you are new and willing to sit for the test, here, you may want to know more in details about the way to prepare and book for the exam. The first thing that you need to do is to know the syllabus of the exam or test. The exam is for 3 hours within this stipulated time; you need to attempt the four parts comprised of listening, reading, writing and speaking. The test examines these four aspects of the candidates applying for a student visa to migrate to Australia. If you are not yet fully confident about cracking the test, you can take coaching for PTE Academic exam. There are many agencies which help aspiring students in preparing for the test.

For booking the test, you have two alternatives. One is you can directly visit Pearson website and book there after making the necessary payment of required amount. However, you can also book through resellers such as AECC GLOBAL in which you can get 10% discount. You will be offered a PTE promo code which you need to enter while making payment to get a necessary discount. So, you can save of AUD 33 after making payment of AUD 297.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Significance of PTE exam for studying at prestigious institution in Australia

No matter how much your heart aches for higher study in Australia, unless you meet the eligibility criteria set by Australian education department, you cannot fulfil your dream. Here, let’s talk about one of the necessary eligibility criteria for admission in the university - the English language proficiency.

This language proficiency is essential and without which overseas students from non-English speaking countries may not be eligible for taking admission in colleges and other educational institutions.

 To prove the ability of the language, every aspiring candidate requires securing good score at PTE Academic exam. The score obtained in this test is highly regarded to determine the eligibility of the students for granting a visa and securing a seat at universities or colleges.

Australia is one of the major English-speaking countries where English is the official language. For migrants who do not know how to listen, speak, write and read in this language medium, they may find difficulty. It is because in universities or institutions the medium of instruction is English. Students need to write, attend classes, seminars and prepare assignments in English. This is the reason Australian education department stresses on the proficiency of the language.

What to cover for preparing PTE Academic exam?

No matter what level of the language proficiency you hold, if you still want to migrate there, you need to push yourself for securing good score in the language proficiency test.  And, you are ready to work hard and put any amount of time and effort for preparing PTE exam Australia. This test becomes easier for those candidates who can fluently speak and write in English. However, those who cannot still look forward to preparing well.

During the test, aspirants need to focus on all the four sections comprising of listening, reading, writing and speaking. Students willing to give the exam can save some money through applying PTE promo code which offers 10% discount. After discount, they need to pay a sum of AUD 297 and can save AUD 33. Promo code offer can be applied through a reseller agency.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The important details about Pearson Test of English

Willing to take admission in a leading Australian university on your preferred subject? The first thing you need to do is showing your English language proficiency. And it must be proved through the PTE exam. It stands for Pearson Test of English which is an online exam testing your skill level of your English language. Australia, being an English-speaking country, made it mandatory for all immigrants coming from non-English speaking countries to possess the language proficiency to avoid any unemployment issue or any form of inconveniences.

 It is important for the overseas students to be proficient in English because without the skill they will find difficult to understand what teachers or faculties teach in classes. Everything from writing an assignment, attending seminars, listening lectures and giving exams require a level of proficiency to catch.

 However, even if you do not have proficiency, never mind. You can still learn the language and then can apply for a visa for study in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’. Before you move further, here has a helpful glimpse at these four essential facts of Pearson Test of English.

 Four important facts about Pearson Test of English

Four sections in PTE test: - Pearson PTE test has four sections to attempt. These are listening, reading, writing and speaking and each of these sections carry its mark. So, you must attempt all sections well giving an equal amount of time and importance of each of them.

 Need to pay while booking PTE test: - The PTE Test is of course, not for free and aspirants willing to sit for it would be required to pay online through online banking and credit card.

PTE is an online test: - The test is conducted online, and it benefits candidates because there is no chance of getting a biased score in the test. 

PTE has discount voucher: - When you want to book PTE exam, mind it that you can avail discount coupon. Purchasing it will enable you to save AUD 33 and only you need to pay AUD 297 after 10% discount from the total standard cost of AUD 330.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pearson PTE Test-An entrance for immigrants to study and work in Australia

Australia has always maintained the same level of the standard over the years. Even with changing times, this country adopted different tactics mainly focused on keeping the same level of standard. It reflects the fact that the island country made it compulsory for every immigrant to possess a certain level of English language proficiency. The level of skill required or asked varies based on the type of occupation to be engaged. To be precise, it means different levels of ability are asked on various visa applications. The proficiency of the English language gets reflected through the PTE score secured by candidates.

Australia is an English-speaking country where communication in English is critical for every day’s dealings. To lessen the extra burden of unemployment on the part of immigrants not possessing language fluency, the Government in the country set a standard. Hence, while preparing for the Pearson PTE test, it may further help to sharpen the language skills. And once the aspiring candidates succeed in scoring the required marks, it will open the door towards studying at dream institution in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’.   

Important details about PTE booking

The high score in Pearson Test of English will make you eligible for admission in Australian universities and certainly preferred courses. Besides, candidates also require showing proficiency proof before granting visa either for study or work. So, book PTE exam in advance and devote some valuable times in preparing for it. For booking, payment must be made online through Master card, Visa debit card and American Express or Internet banking. The total amount charged for booking PTE test is AUD 330. 

Candidates can book it directly from the official website of Pearson or through an official reseller. AECC Global is an official reseller of PTE voucher worldwide. You can avail 10% discount to save AUD 33 booking on the standard price scheduling your test through us. Contact us to buy a voucher from us today. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Demonstrate your English proficiency for admission in prestigious Australian institution

Australia has set a standard for international non-English speaking students willing to pursue higher education in the country. It became a mandatory on the part of overseas students to possess English language proficiency. The primary motive behind it is to ensure foreign students studying various courses in different educational institutions may not find language barriers.

The English language is the medium of instructions. In classes, students are required to attend series of lectures, tutorials, examinations and assignments. English is the only medium of instruction and students with no fluency and proficiency in the language would face many kinds of challenges. This is the main reason why Australian Government introduced English proficiency as part of eligibility not only for admission in institutions. This proficiency is also required for student visa application.

Details about PTE Academic exam

And to prove proficiency, candidates need to sit for PTE Academic exam which is an online computer based test. Pearson conducts PTE test, and it is popularly known as Pearson Test of English. The test score secured will determine the eligibility of the aspiring candidates. The test is only for the overseas students from non-English speaking countries. Candidates require attempting four sections comprising of reading, writing, speaking and listening. To secure a good score, it is important to attempt all the sections.

Right before candidates sit for the exam, it is advisable to be prepared well. Preparation must begin as soon as one books PTE exam of Australia. It can be booked online from anywhere. However, aspirants must make a payment of AUD 330 while confirming the booking of the exam. Candidates can also opt for 10% discount through buying a voucher from AECC GLOBAL, one of the leading PTE Voucher resellers. After the discount, the total amount required to pay is AUD 297 in which AUD 33 gets saved.

Though one can book the exam directly from the Pearson, but PTE promo code enables takers to get 10% discount in scheduling the test.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

How can you mentally be ready for PTE exam?

Wondering how to crack the PTE test to be eligible for admission to your dream course in Australia? Pearson Test of English can be considered as an entrance for admission in colleges and universities. The test assesses your proficiency level in the English language with writing, reading, speaking and listening. To be able to crack the exam, it is important on your part to prepare well. You must be ready mentally too which is one of the great deciding factors. 

Some candidates out of stress cannot give their maximum best which results in securing low marks denying them admission to their preferred courses and institutions. Here you find some of the best ways how you can be mentally ready for your Pearson PTE test.

KNOWING THE FORMAT OF YOUR PTE TEST: The first thing that you need to do is to know the format of the test as early as possible. It is because there are several modules which are further divided into many items. And if you can have the proper grasp of the items of each module, you will be confident and won’t be stressed helping in preparation for the test.

EXPECT AND ADAPT IN LITTLE NOISY AMBIENCE: No matter how well prepared you become, sometimes during the exam, you may find noises annoying particularly in the sections of listening and speaking. You expect other candidates in your exam hall and hope to get noisy ambience. Hence, it is important and advisable for candidates to practice in the noisy atmosphere so that it does not become an issue for you while taking the exam.

UNDERSTAND PTE IS MORE THAN TYPING: Get mentally ready for the fact that PTE exam, which is computer based, is more than typing. Candidates sitting for the exam would be required to write faster. It is because you will find items when you have to write as quick as possible. So, quick note taking practice will come handy to you.   

You can start preparing right after you book PTE exam so that you give your best shot and get out with flying colours.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cracking PTE Academic exam opens door for study in Australia

Willing to study in your dream destination, Australia? There are plenty of good reasons to study in Australia. But migrating there for the study is also not easy. One of the greatest challenges that come up is English language proficiency. Aspiring candidates need to sit for PTE Academic exam. And based on their secured scores in the test, they become eligible for getting their visa application approved. Even for admission in some of the elite courses and institutions, high PTE score is required. The proficiency level of the language is sought by Australian Government from immigrants. It is because English is the official language and migrants who do not possess skill would find tough even to carry out daily activities. Hence, scoring high in your test is the only way to get admission and give wings to your dream career.

Tips for preparing PT exam in Australia

Wondering how to prepare to score high in your Pearson Test of English? The test consisted of four sections that test four different parameters of the candidates. This is the reason you must manage your time well for preparing those four parameters such as writing, reading, speaking and listening. It is crucial to start preparing in advance so that you get enough time to cover each one of them. Also, keeping in mind the pattern would greatly help you. Hence, get familiarised with the different kinds of questions asked during the PTE exam Australia. You can practice sample papers and spend a considerable amount of time for the exam papers to get well acquainted. So, have a look at previous papers.

There are different kinds of books published by Pearson. And to get updated with the syllabus and acquiring of in-depth knowledge over them, you can purchase some of those books covering the exam. It will make you feel confident. You can also get in touch with candidates who might have appeared in the previous exams. So, asking them for tips would be of immense help.

How to avail PTE Promo code?

To get the promo code, you need to visit AECC Global, a registered Australian education agency and register through filling an online form. After that, you submit it. Once it is successfully submitted, you will get an email with the promo code. Then while making payment, you put the PTE promo code. Once it is done, you will need to make a payment with 10% discount for the test. You will save AUD 33 and pay an amount of AUD 297 out of the total standard cost of AUD 330.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

4 Secret Tricks to Score Big in Your Pearson Test of English

Need a big score in your PTE to be eligible for your dream course in a leading Australian university? Here are the four secret tricks you must follow to score big in your Pearson Test of English test.
  1. In writing section, make sure you use correct punctuations such as full stops, commas, capital letters, etc. If you need to summarise the text, you do it within the word limit between 5 to 75 words. If you summarise words in less than 5 words or even more than 75 words, you will not be able to score. In your essay writing, you must first identify the main topic and then focus on it. Also, pay attention to the point of view asked if any. You must be careful about the word limit here again which is usually between 200-300 words. Writing section is one of the important parts of Pearson PTE Test.

  1. In your speaking part, make sure you keep your response quick and continue speaking. It is because microphone automatically stops recording after a pause for 3 seconds. You will get time for around 10-40 seconds based on your task. The time given is meant for looking and understanding the text before recording begins. In this short period, you try to add as many points as possible thus making use of compound and complex sentences. Never forget to stress on the words which you find valuable and need highlight.

  1. In the reading section, you must use prompts and text boxes when you get in different tasks. Also, be careful in picking up the main idea of the text in which you must know what the text is all about. Doing this will help you understand the central idea of the text. Increasing your vocabulary and sharpening your grammar skills would help you in tiding over the reading sections in the easiest way.

  1. To effectively get through the listening section, you must take out the main idea in a note while listening to use it as supporting answer when you are asked to repeat the same. This will help in framing the response in a better way. It will fetch you good marks.
If you are fully prepared and believe you can crack the test with a good score, then book PTE exam as per your convenience.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why do you need PTE?

PTE stands for Pearson Test in English, is an English proficiency test through which aspiring migrants for Australia are tested about their level of fluency and proficiency in the English language. Australian Government made it compulsory that immigrants must possess a certain level of English fluency so that it becomes easier for a migrant to fit into Australian workforce in the market. PTE is a computer-based English test consisted of four sections such as Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The duration of the test is for 3 hours. Based on the performance in the exam, candidates are awarded points. These points determine the approval of your visa application and admission to any of the Australian universities.

Procedure of booking PTE exam

If you want to take admission to any of your dream institutions or courses, you need to book PTE exam and your score will determine your eligibility for admission and courses. For booking your exam date, you are at your liberty to choose any suitable date. For that you can register and apply directly online through website after making necessary amount of payment. However, you also can apply through Australian education consultants. For instance, you can also apply through AECC GLOBAL, the leading Australian education consultancy. If you apply through it, you can avail discount of AUD 33 and you only need to pay amount of AUD 297 from the standard test fee of AUD 330.

To apply for the 10% discount voucher, you can visit the website and then fill up the registration form and then submit. 

Reasons to sit for Pearson PTE Test

Aspiring candidates have many options to sit for proficiency test of English required for seeking admission in Australian universities such as International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Occupational English Test (OET), TOEFL, etc. But here are the five reasons why you would love to sit for Pearson PTE Test.

Unlike in other tests, you will get your exam results after five business days. PTE gives flexible scheduling of the test date and time. So, you can sit for the exam at any time within 24 hours in advance. All the Australian universities and colleges accept the PTE test scores. It is also accepted for applying all kinds of country’s visas. The computer based exam ensures there is no bias and it is quite secured too.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Reasons why PTE Australia has become popular among international students

Australia became a favourite educational destination worldwide. The high quality of Australian educational system, various scholarship schemes and plenty of opportunities in Australian job markets have been the attraction for international students today.

PTE Australia has become a preferred English proficiency test for international students looking for admission in the Australian university. The PTE score is used by universities for evaluation of proficiency skills in the language.   

Earlier, IELTS and TOEFL were the most popular language exams which ruled the hearts of international students. But today, PTE has also come up in their league. Here are some of the reasons why PTE obtained such immense popularity.

PTE is fully computerisedThe PTE Academic exam is entirely computer based. Not much human intervention is required. There is no chance for finding bias based on personality and cultural differences. Unlike other exams which are subjective and it normally influences the result of the candidate, but this PTE is objective. This is the reason performance is the only criteria to pass the test.

Quick resultsQuick announcement of result is another benefit as it is because students do not need to wait for long. Results of the test are declared within five working days which is the maximum number of days taken. In 2011, most of the results were given by PTE within two days after taking the test.

The flexibility of test datesThe flexibility of test dates also benefits international students who can fix the date as per their convenience. You can take the test 363 days a year and can choose a centre nearest to your home to take the exam.

PTE voucher discountInternational students can buy PTE exam voucher from AECC Global and can avail 10% discount on a total fee of $330.

If you want PTE booking, you do not need to rush anywhere; you can book at AECC Global at any time and can avail the discount. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Why do you need to pass PTE exam Australia?

Are you looking to have a quality education from a prestigious educational institution in Australia? If this is the case, then you need to score higher on the PTE Academic exam first. As a non-native speaker, you will be evaluated based on the score in PTE for admission in Australian universities. As you know, pursuing higher education in Australia has many benefits and privileges in term of quality education and preparation for your future career. This shows the growing needs of taking PTE test for aspirants looking to study, migrate and apply for permanent residency in Australia.

Few Facts about PTE Exam

There are many English proficiency exams available for the students in the market like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. But, the popularity of PTE is rising fast due to its modern approach to conducting test globally. Being a computer-based test, candidates can take the test online in a single sitting for three hours.

As a non-speaker residing in Australia, you need to take PTE exam Australia for assessment of proficiency in the English language. As you know, you will get four sections as writing, reading, speaking, and listening in the test. The score is given assessing your communicative skills and enabling skills by an automatic software with predefined guidelines. So, there is no possibility of getting a biased rating. Further, you will get the exam result within five working days after taking the exam.

Benefits of Using Promo Code in PTE Booking

The standard price of booking the PTE test is $330. But, you can acquire a 10% discount on the original price scheduling your test using PTE promo code. Use the code for payment online instead of credit or debit card to save $33 on the transaction.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

What do You need to Know Before Taking Pearson Test of English?

Are you looking to study at an Australian university? If yes, you might know that you need to submit a proof of English proficiency skills as a non-native speaker. The score required for the same would depend upon the degree or programs you’re applying for in an education institution.

As an aspirant, you have many English proficiency tests in the market like TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE among others. But, the popularity of PTE has been increasing drastically over the years. The primary factors for the popularity surge of PTE are security, reliability and transparency seek by takers. On the exam day, you would get a dedicated computer and get the exam result within five business days.

What Would You Get Taking PTE Exam?

As you know, PTE test contains four sections as writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Every section contains several items which need to be answered correctly to get a high score. Further, the automated software offers rating after analysing communicative and enabling skills in the answers. 

 Therefore, Pearson PTE Test contains questions that are useful for daily life activities in a foreign country. Thus, taking this exam is assumed as preparation for that life while reflecting your skills in the language.

Apart from that, you would easily find a suitable test date in the authorised centres across the globe. Further, you can use the score for admission in universities, visas, and employment in the Australian market. Besides that, the PTE score is recognised and accepted by over 6000 organisations consisting of education institutions, immigration agencies, governments, and employers across the globe.

So, you’ve decided to take PTE exam? If you did, start your preparation in advance based on the current format to avoid a debacle in the test. Buy original study materials and practice taking guidance from language experts. Regular practices by the test’s sections would bring you the desired score needed in your application.

Are you ready to take Pte exam? Book PTE exam through AECC Global to get a 10% discount on the original price. Contact our office to purchase a voucher today. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Five effective ways to prepare for PTE Academic exam!

You have enough bank balance, you can afford expenses for your study in Australia, but you have one concern-how to score high in PTE exam, right?  If it is the case, never worry! Here we are going to offer you five useful ways to prepare for your PTE Academic exam. The exam is mainly for testing the English proficiency level of the aspirants which includes reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities.

Even if the person has a certain level of competence, he or she still can enhance high scoring possibility through proper planning and good preparation. Here you find some of top five effective ways to prepare for your PTE exam Australia.

Learn to manage time: While preparing for the exam, candidates must make on every aspect consisting of reading, writing, listening and speaking. It is important to manage learning every section during your preparation. It is also vital for you to give enough time on each part despite your weakness and strength. Never ignore or leave any section even though if you are confident; all you need is to prepare covering every section.   

Know your exam pattern in advance: Being aware of the exam pattern is always beneficial. If you know in advance, then you can be familiar with the kinds and type of questions you would get to face. Therefore, you must practice sample papers as well as find out the time and give it at studying previous exam papers too.

Acquire in-depth knowledge about syllabus: You can purchase good book meant for exam preparation which is published by Pearson, the renowned London Based Media company. You will get a fair amount of idea about the things asked in the test. Suggested book reading will help you gain confidence which is crucial for getting through the exam.

Consult students who sat for the exam: One of the best ways to prepare yourself well is to consult the students who had already appeared for the exam. You will have clear perspective once you interact with the students who had given the exam. This will help you judge yourself and know where you are now.

Keep your eyes open even when you are listening the test: Most of the students usually take the listening test for guaranteed and hence, take it lightly. But you must mind it that score of this test can turn your table. You must note that you will get only a single shot at listening to the tape.

Before sitting for the test, it is important that you book for the exam. If you use PTE promo code, you will get 10% discount. If you want to get one, contact our AECC Global office today.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Why is PTE Academic Test Getting Popular?

Looking to take admission at an Australian university? If yes, you need an English proficiency skill certificate for admission as a non-native speaker. While there are many English language tests available in the market, PTE is one of them. Though the PTE Academic test was launched in 2009, yet it has got immense popularity among the takers globally. Wondering what could be the reasons for this demand surge? As an aspiring taker, you should know the benefits of taking this exam. Let us see:

1. Worldwide Acceptance and Recognition

PTE is recognised as a prominent English test and its score is accepted in reputed universities like Harvard, INSEAD and Yale for further education. Over 6000 organisations including educational institutions, governments, immigration agencies, and employers are receiving PTE scores for different purposes in major native speaking countries. For example, Department of Immigration and Border Protection is taking PTE score for providing visas, higher studies, and PR to migrants in Australia.

2. Modern Approach of Taking Test

Do you hate paper based exam? If you do, the PTE Australia is the right choice due to its modern approach to conducting the exam. You will take the test on a dedicated computer online for three hours and in a single sitting.

3. Transparent and Fair Score

The automatic software is employed in checking the answer of takers based on predefined guidelines. As no human examiner is involved, you would get a fair, accurate and impartial score every time.  

4. Availability of Flexible Dates and Centres

Another benefit of taking PTE exam is the availability of test dates of your choice. You can book and take the test 363 days a year in over 200 authorised centres available globally.

5. Acquire Exam Result Fast

Are you in a hurry of submitting your English skills score? Don’t worry, take PTE exam to get your exam result within business days after the test. Further, your score will remain live on official site for two years.
Are you planning to schedule your PTE test? Use a voucher for PTE booking to get 10% discount on the original price of the test. Get in touch with AECC Global office to purchase a voucher and schedule your test quickly.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Most efficient way to enrich your vocabulary for PTE!

Has a lack of your English proficiency becomes an obstacle on your path to higher education in Australia? No matter what courses you want to study or whichever institutions you want admission in Australia, still you need to prove your skills in the English language. Taking PTE exam is a vital way of acquiring the score required to be eligible for admission to your chosen institution. Feeling nervous for the exam? Never mind, here we would like to give you some useful ways to enrich your vocabulary before you sit for the exam.

Even before that you continue to read how significant the Pearson PTE Test is for you and how it has become a popular choice for everyone. The Pearson has announced Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has given approval to PTE Academic as proof of English language proficiency required for a number of visa categories. It means that now the visa applicants have the options to test their proficiency level through Govt approved English language testing.

It is because of the general belief that English language ability is essential to succeed for non-English speaking migrants to be employable, to be able to socialise and even carry out everyday tasks. Now here are the ways how you can improve the chance of doing well in your exam consisting of reading, writing, speaking and listening too. In case, you put effort to enrich your vocabulary, which should be part of your preparation for the exam, you will excel for sure.

You must enjoy reading your favourite things in English. It is only through such continuous reading that you will be able to build vocabulary. It is not a one-day affair as because it truly needs time, effort, passion and perseverance too. Using the right dictionary is another option. You will get many words with synonyms, antonyms and can have a look at the meanings of the words you do not know. It is only too much reading anything from travel, science, fiction, drama, sports food, technology and literature that you will increase your vocabulary quickly.

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Monday, May 1, 2017

How Australia has emerged as a world-class education centre?

How lucky can you feel when you get the chance to study under the expert teacher who cares, loves and guides you, going beyond his comfort zone? Today, the trend of studying abroad is high among international students, and why not? They have several good reasons to validate their point to study at a foreign soil. So, are you one of those aspirants? If yes, you need to pass English proficiency test to be eligible for study in the ‘land of Kangaroo’. And for that, you can go for PTE booking in advance too. PTE is an exam to test English proficiency required for Visa and admission application.

Australia has earned a name and reputation in the global education market. Let us have a glimpse of the country, with less population, still advanced and well placed in the list of world quality education providers.

According to Ho Bhat An, an international student from Vietnam who studied in a leading institution in Brisbane, stated that he was overwhelmed by the friendly and professionalism of staff and faculties of the education institution. He added, “I’ve found the staff were very professional, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable delivering every possible help to candidates. Interaction with fellow international students helped me improve my communication skill in English further, and I really enjoyed my days as a student in the multi-cultural environment while studying in Australia”.

The significance of PTE

Let us tell you it is important to clear the PTE Australia exam to be eligible for getting the visa. The score of the test also holds significance for seeking admission in numerous courses. Like him, there are other hundreds of foreign students in Australia who also have the same things to say. It is the country where English proficiency is very crucial even the language is also used as a medium of instruction in the institutions. English is the only official language since 80% of the entire population speak it.

How is the education system in Australia?

Australian education system has been categorically divided into three broad categories which include a primary school, secondary and tertiary education, featuring into both private and public institutions. The government fully funds the public institution; however, the private institution also gets funded by Government to some extent.

The country also has a unique education system in the tertiary category. Vocational training and education course are offered to students. The aim of the course is just to equip students the competencies, skill sets in specific areas to be employable in the job market. The technical and further education (TAFE) institutions offer many kinds of training courses ranging from undergraduate degree (Bachelor) courses and advanced diploma. However, to be eligible for all such training and courses, you need to pass the PTE Academic exam.  

Upon your arrival, you can also look forward where to study and which course to do. The country has many destinations for quality education such as Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, etc. You will find a wide range of courses where you can go for specialisation based on your Pearson Test in English.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Top Benefits of Taking PTE Test for International Students

Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is accepting PTE scores for immigration, employment and admission of foreign students in local universities. Due to acceptance of PTE score, the number of international students taking up PTE Academic Test has been increasing dramatically over the years. Additionally, PTE Australia has become a sought-after exam for non-speakers living in the island country to get certification within a short time.

Let us see the benefits of taking this exam:

1. Get Exam Result Quickly

If you hate waiting for the result after taking your exam, then PTE test is right for you. It typically offers the exam result within five business days. Hence it would be helpful especially when you need to submit PTE score to institutions at the earliest.

2. Transparent Marking System

Another benefit of taking PTE is the consistent rating. The automatic software offers marking analysing the answers of candidates based on predefined guidelines without any human interference. It means you will get an honest and impartial score every time.

3. Worldwide Recognition and Acceptance

Besides Australia, the PTE is accepted in over 6000 organisations including educational institutions, employers, immigration agencies, and governments of foreign countries. In fact, this number is expected to rise steadily across the globe.

4. Secure and Trusted Score

Palm, vein, and retina of takers are scanned to ensure the score obtained is authentic. It makes your score credible to education institutions and universities during evaluation.

5. Flexible Test Date Available

Finding of a test date is easy for takers with PTE. You can book and take the test in over 250 authorised centres globally and 363 days a year. Additionally, you can schedule your test just 48 hours before the exam.

If you’ve decided to take PTE exam, you need a proper preparation based on the current formats to get the desired score in the first attempt. The standard price of booking the test is $330. But, you can get 10% discount on the original price using a PTE promo code. Contact our AECC Global office to get the code and book your test immediately. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

How to Find a Top Education Agent in Australia?

You have taken the right decision of continuing your higher studies in the reputed universities of Australia. The country is a home to 1100 prestigious education institutions offering 22000 courses in different fields of study. You can pursue regular certificate courses to internationally recognised master courses with specialisations in universities. Training on a quality education system and cutting edge technology deliver you advantages over peers globally. That is why Australia has become the third most preferred destination after US and UK.

Consult with Education Experts

As an international student, you will face many confusions and obstacles in selecting your career path, admission, and others. You should hire the top education consultants to get reliable information about the country’s education system, the job market, and courses to get jobs. After acquiring the relevant information, you can make an informed decision to start a successful career in chosen field.

Tips to Select an Education Agent

Education agencies can found at every length and breadth of the country. Choosing an education agent is a daunting task for international students. Without much experience and knowledge, you can very easily fall into the trap of pseudo agents promising lucrative services. You should be careful and check things before offering your education responsibilities to them.

The top things you should check before hiring an agent are:

  • Registration of the agent/agency
  • Authorisation from the education institution/university where you intend to study
  • Mentioned in the official website of university
  • Got contract from the concerned university/college
  • Possess experienced and skilled staff for guidance
  • Make no unrealistic promises
  • Assure help while applying for scholarship

The best education agent in Melbourne has been offering support to international students to realise their dreams in Australia.

Why Should You Hire AECC Global Education Agents?

AECC Global is a leading education agency and consultancy helping international students since its inception. The top Australian education consultants offer accurate information right from taking admission to job assistance in the island country. If you need any help to start your career, contact our education experts today. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to Find the Best Education Consultancy in Australia?

Planning to study higher education in Australia? If yes, you’ve taken the right decision of pursuing your higher education in the Australian universities. The country is a home to world-class universities offering courses in different fields of study to students. Further, the government is providing scholarships to deserving students studying at the local university. In this way, Australia has become the third most preferred destination for higher studies for international students after USA and UK.

As a foreign student, you will face several obstacles in the education process in Australia. Challenges will come in adjusting and finding a suitable home to live in the new place. Other than that, obstacles will arise in taking admission, career path, courses, and choosing universities. Hire top education consultants to offer guidance and help in starting your education journey successfully.

How to Get a Good Study Experience in Melbourne?

Melbourne has been ranked as the most liveable city in the world for sixth times consecutively. The metropolitan city houses top-ranked universities offering courses in various disciplines. Hence it has become a hotbed for international and local students to pursue their higher studies.

The decision on pursuing higher studies and career path should be taken after consultation with education experts. Hire the best education agent in Melbourne to improve your study experience quickly. They are expert and experienced in handling education-related problems efficiently. Hire the experts who know the education system, industry, and job market well to get an accurate guidance. In this way, you can get help in realising your dream in the chosen career.  

Tips to Choose the Best Education Agency

Your education experience depends upon the nature of agency hired for the purpose. Be careful in selecting an agency to avoid being cheated in the process. Hire an education consultant in Sydney using the following tips:

  • Possess legal authorisation to help you
  • Name is mentioned in university’s portal
  • Have knowledgeable staff to offer help
  • Provide reliable information without bias
  • Assure assistance in applying for scholarship
  • Possess good reviews from previous clients

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Monday, March 6, 2017

How to Get a Good Study Experience in Australia?

Australia is the third most favourite destination for international students to pursue their higher studies. The presence of a quality education system and top-ranked universities attract students from different nations. Training is offered on cutting edge technology utilising advanced curriculums to prepare candidates for their future profession. Hence it is an important step to get reputed certificate and get closer to a successful career in life.

Importance of Education Agents

Students are bound to face problems while studying in Australia. You may need help in choosing a career path, courses, admission in universities, and applying for a scholarship. Students must possess a clear knowledge about admission procedures of universities. Education consultant in Brisbane offers career counselling to students based on their career goal. You will get knowledge about the education system, job market, and other reliable information. It will help you to make an informed decision and improve your study experience in Australia. Hence you should hire an authorised and skilled consultant with previous experience in guiding international students.

Tips for Hiring an Education Agent

Your education experience will depend upon the quality of agents appointed for the purpose. Select a right agency to get an excellent service and avoid being cheated. All the agencies claim themselves to be the best and offering the right services. The best education agent in Sydney provides appropriate guidance and help in improving your education journey.

Things to look before hiring an agency:
  • Registration of the agency
  • Possess legal authorisation from universities to offer help in admission process
  • Have skilled staff to provide guidance and knowledge
  • Provide correct information and offers in your chosen course
  • Assistance in getting a scholarship (if applicable in the course)

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tips to Start a Successful IT Career in Australia

Studying IT courses in the top-ranked universities in Australia help international students to start a successful career in life. It is because recruiters prefer to hire the locally trained graduates due to their professional skills and knowledge. Diverse courses are available for students starting from an advanced diploma, bachelor degree, and master in IT field. Courses are designed with strict adherence to international students to deliver quality education to candidates. Study IT courses in Brisbane to get training on cutting edge technology under the guidance of qualified faculties. Training on the modern facilities and advanced curriculums develop professional skills needed to get a job in the industry.

Professional Year Program

Australia needs more engineers, accountants, and IT professionals to carry out economic activities smoothly. But, local graduates aren’t enough to meet the rising demand for workers in these sectors. The professional bodies of universities have initiated Professional Year program to improve the supply of international graduates in the local market after imparting industry-relevant training. It is a 44-week program designed with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to prepare graduates for the Australian market.

The Professional Year in IT is the dedicated program created for IT graduates who studied at an Australian university. It consists of formal learning and internship training with a local company. Special workshops and seminars are organised to get job training with real work experience and soft skills demand by recruiters. Hence it is a vital program for IT graduates to be eligible for the domestic market and move closer to PR earning five migration points after completion.

Benefits of Hiring an Education Consultant

You’ve taken the right decision of pursuing your higher studies in Australia. The country has 1100 premier institutes offering over 22000 courses in different fields of study. As an international student, you will face challenges and obstacles in the period of study. Hire an education consultant in Sydney to get a hassle-free studying experience and achieve your goal. Consultants are skilled and experienced in handling education-related problems efficiently. Contact our AECC Global’s education experts for counselling and assistance to start a successful career in Australia. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Discover Benefits of Pursuing Nursing Australian Universities

Nursing is a noble profession that involves caring the sick to help them regain health quickly. The world has witnessed a rapid expansion of fatal and chronic diseases due to pollutions and other causes. WHO estimated million of skilled health workers would be required to offer medical services to growing population across the globe. Hence it is an ideal career option for youths looking to start a career in the healthcare industry.

Benefits of Studying Nursing in Australia

Australia is a top choice for international students to pursue nursing courses. There are reputed universities offering nursing courses to aspirants helpful to start a successful career in life. The course modules are set by the international standard which enhances career prospects for candidates. Training is offered on cutting edge technology to develop globally accepted skills and knowledge by candidates. Apart from broad theoretical classes, practicals are conducted in the hospitals under the close watch of expert teachers to gain industry exposures.

Study Nursing Courses in Brisbane

Brisbane has become a hub for the international students to pursue nursing courses. Candidates can opt for advanced diploma certificates, bachelor degree, to master in nursing in the reputed universities. Apart from that, specialisation for aged care, maternity, community health, and education are available. Study nursing courses in Brisbane to kick-start your career in the healthcare industry.

Importance of Migration and Education Agents

Studying in Australia is a good decision for a foreign student to get a quality education. But, students face several obstacles and challenges while searching for colleges, admission, adjusting to a new place, and migration-related issues. Hire migration and education consultants to deliver a hassle-free study experience resolving your visa to admission-related problems in Australia.

Why Hire AECC Global?

AECC Global is a leading education and consultancy service agency headquartered in Melbourne. It has helped over 15000 foreign students to realise their dreams in Australia coming from 40 nations. It is a trusted education partner of 36 universities across Australia. Hire the expert educational consultancy to get reliable information and help in making an informed decision in your career path. Talk to AECC Global’s education experts for counselling and improve your studying experience. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

How to Improve Your Education Journey in Australia?

Have you chosen Australia for higher studies? You’ve made the right decision and taken a vital step to start a successful career ahead. The reputed universities of Australia receive thousands of applications from overseas students to pursue their higher studies. The quality education system, modern training facilities, qualified faculties and recognised courses make education in Australia a perfect one. Further, the chance of getting a scholarship from universities is high as Australian government offer millions of dollars to the deserving students every year.

Importance of an Education Agent for Students

As an international student, you’re bound to face some problems while studying in Australia. Starting from taking admission, selection of courses, universities, apply for a scholarship, and others. Make an informed decision on the career path taking guidance from education experts. Or else, you can ruin your future choosing a wrong path. The best education agent in Sydney offers reliable information and help to start a successful career in Australia to foreign students. Hire experts who know the industry well and possess experience in carving out an educational pathway for students.

Tips to Choose to Education Consultants

You will find several “education shops” at every corner of Australia. All the consultancies claim to be experts in offering a resolution to your education needs, but be careful in choosing one. Consult with many agencies to select the best one to get services in the selected field of study. Check the legal authority of the consultants needed to get you placed in the chosen university and scholarship. Hire the registered education consultant in Brisbane to get a hassle-free studying experience. The friendly staff will offer reliable guidance and information to improve your education journey in Australia.

Importance of PTE Voucher

As a non-speaker, you need a higher English proficiency score to be eligible for admission, jobs, and immigration in Australia. Use a PTE voucher to get 10% discount on the original price while booking the PTE Academic test. Contact our AECC Global office to purchase a voucher and schedule your test immediately.