Wednesday, May 24, 2017

4 Secret Tricks to Score Big in Your Pearson Test of English

Need a big score in your PTE to be eligible for your dream course in a leading Australian university? Here are the four secret tricks you must follow to score big in your Pearson Test of English test.
  1. In writing section, make sure you use correct punctuations such as full stops, commas, capital letters, etc. If you need to summarise the text, you do it within the word limit between 5 to 75 words. If you summarise words in less than 5 words or even more than 75 words, you will not be able to score. In your essay writing, you must first identify the main topic and then focus on it. Also, pay attention to the point of view asked if any. You must be careful about the word limit here again which is usually between 200-300 words. Writing section is one of the important parts of Pearson PTE Test.

  1. In your speaking part, make sure you keep your response quick and continue speaking. It is because microphone automatically stops recording after a pause for 3 seconds. You will get time for around 10-40 seconds based on your task. The time given is meant for looking and understanding the text before recording begins. In this short period, you try to add as many points as possible thus making use of compound and complex sentences. Never forget to stress on the words which you find valuable and need highlight.

  1. In the reading section, you must use prompts and text boxes when you get in different tasks. Also, be careful in picking up the main idea of the text in which you must know what the text is all about. Doing this will help you understand the central idea of the text. Increasing your vocabulary and sharpening your grammar skills would help you in tiding over the reading sections in the easiest way.

  1. To effectively get through the listening section, you must take out the main idea in a note while listening to use it as supporting answer when you are asked to repeat the same. This will help in framing the response in a better way. It will fetch you good marks.
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