Monday, May 15, 2017

Why do you need to pass PTE exam Australia?

Are you looking to have a quality education from a prestigious educational institution in Australia? If this is the case, then you need to score higher on the PTE Academic exam first. As a non-native speaker, you will be evaluated based on the score in PTE for admission in Australian universities. As you know, pursuing higher education in Australia has many benefits and privileges in term of quality education and preparation for your future career. This shows the growing needs of taking PTE test for aspirants looking to study, migrate and apply for permanent residency in Australia.

Few Facts about PTE Exam

There are many English proficiency exams available for the students in the market like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. But, the popularity of PTE is rising fast due to its modern approach to conducting test globally. Being a computer-based test, candidates can take the test online in a single sitting for three hours.

As a non-speaker residing in Australia, you need to take PTE exam Australia for assessment of proficiency in the English language. As you know, you will get four sections as writing, reading, speaking, and listening in the test. The score is given assessing your communicative skills and enabling skills by an automatic software with predefined guidelines. So, there is no possibility of getting a biased rating. Further, you will get the exam result within five working days after taking the exam.

Benefits of Using Promo Code in PTE Booking

The standard price of booking the PTE test is $330. But, you can acquire a 10% discount on the original price scheduling your test using PTE promo code. Use the code for payment online instead of credit or debit card to save $33 on the transaction.

Do you want to book your PTE Test? If yes, contact our AECC Global office to buy a discount voucher to schedule your test immediately. 

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