Thursday, June 7, 2018

How does Professional Year Bring Success for Graduates?

Studying in Australia brings globally recognised degrees and professional skills necessary for a successful career. The students get a global education exposure studying at the top Australian universities. Study in Australia is an investment for a successful career in future.

Australia is one of the toughest markets to crack for professionals. Skilled professionals get abundant job opportunities in the market. But, recent graduates face difficulties in landing their dream jobs. Employers demand work experience and qualification from candidates during the interviews.

Fortunately, international graduates can prepare for their dream career joining the internship program in Australia. Educational consultancies advise engineering, accounting, and IT graduates to enter the Professional Year be ready for jobs in their chosen fields.

Many education providers are offering training to international graduates in Australia. However, you must choose the top provider offering industry-standard training on advanced curriculums.

Let us see the top two providers in Australia:

ACS Professional Year

Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the body responsible for framing PY IT training modules in Australia. The ACS is recognised and approved as a training provider by Department of Home Affairs.

It is essential training for IT graduates looking to enhance career prospects in Australia after completion of studies. ACS Professional Year is an additional pathway for graduates to get a smooth transition from the university to employment. The program ensures that IT graduates are job-ready with real work experience and professional skills.

ECA Professional Year

Education Centre in Australia is one of the largest PY providers in Melbourne and Sydney. Over 3000 students have got training from the provider since 2008. The institution has a proven record of 100 placement of students in the industry. ECA Professional Year offers training in Accounting and IT field to graduates willing to be ready for the Australian workplace.

Outcome of both PY programs

Graduates enjoy high employability and earn five migration points supporting PR in Australia after completion of this program. Undertaking the PY program is a crucial step towards a successful career in Australia.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Top Benefits of Navitas Professional Year for Engineering Graduates

Australia is one of the best countries for engineering studies. There are top-ranked universities for engineering education with excellent training facilities. Many inventions took place in Australia due to modern research facilities found at the university campus for students. The famous inventions occurred in Australia are bionic ear, IVF, black box, bulb, and others.

Study engineering courses in Brisbane or other cities to get amazing facilities and prepare for your career. Besides the quality education, you will get degrees that are recognised and accepted in the academic world to enhance your career prospects worldwide.

Acquiring an engineering job is not easy for an international graduate. The recruiters demand skills and work experience from candidates. To develop innovative skills and critical thinking for discoveries, the students must join the Professional Year in Melbourne program. Designed for overseas graduates to get a smooth transition from the university to a workplace.

In Australia, many education providers train international students to be ready for employment in the industry. But, students should choose the top institution that offers excellent education and training facility. It helps to get the recognised and quality education necessary to start a successful career.

Navitas is a popular provider that offers training across the country. Training in accounting, IT and engineering fields are available for candidates in Australia.

The Navitas Professional Year is a combination of formal learning and internship placement to prepare graduates for employment in Australia. It prepares graduates to excel in the chosen field of study after graduation from an Australian university.

The 44-week program is an orientation for engineering graduates to know the industry, responsibilities, official communication, personality development and other skills.

Benefits of Joining Navitas PY

Navitas provides industry-relevant training to students to build future engineers. The coursework is designed by Engineering Education Australia to prepare graduates for challenges in the workplace. Working on the local projects deliver significant work experience to students. Further, the assessment and grading system help to check the continuous progress of every student.

Navitas enjoys a 100% success rate in helping students to achieve professional and career goal in life. After completion of training, the students enjoy employability and earn five migration points supporting PR in Australia.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

How Helpful is IRON Program for Overseas Nurses in Australia?

Every country has a separate regulatory regime for healthcare practices. The overseas nurses may be qualified and experienced in their home country, but differences in the practice and healthcare system necessitate to study further for a smooth transition. In Australia, it is mandatory for qualified international nurses to study IRON program in Australia to increase their eligibilities. It is a bridging program that allows experienced nurses from select countries to apply for registration with the Australian Health Practitioner and Regulation Agency.

Why is IRON necessary for nursing aspirants?

Nursing job opportunities are expected to grow at a rapid pace in Australia. But, the supply of qualified nurses is not sufficient to meet demand from the market. Rising of the aged population, children and chronic diseases are the top factors for increasing demand for skilled nurses in the country.

As local nurses are not enough, the Australian government invites applications from overseas nurses with qualification and work experience in their home country. IRON program for nurses is a mandatory program to be eligible to enter nursing practices in Australia.

The 13-week program enables students to merge previous nursing experience, skills and life experience with Australian theoretical and practical education. It enhances the theoretical and practical expertise of candidates necessary to be a registered nurse. In short, the training consolidates their acquired knowledge and skills with clinical practice.

The nurses understand the local laws, regulation and responsibilities in Australia. In short, the program prepares an overseas nurse to be ready for workplace challenges. Candidates completing the program may apply for registration as a nurse to AHPRA. The IRON program is approved and recognised by ANMC (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council).

IRON Program Outcomes

Nurses enjoy high employability in the Australian market after completion of the IRON program. It is because they hone their skills and gain work experience based on the local settings. These are the primary requirements that local recruiters ask from candidates in the interviews. 

The education consultant in Sydney can provide accurate information and guidance to start a successful nursing career in Australia.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What are the future opportunities for completion of a NAATI course?

National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is the body which gives accreditation to the translators and Interpreters in Australia. The apex body regulates the interpreting services in Australia.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census in 2011, about 4 million Australians can speak in a different language than English. The population of immigrant is increasing rapidly. As most of the expats can’t speak English properly, problems are arising in the active communication. Translating job opportunities are coming in different places in schools, workplaces, banks, healing facilities, law workplaces, air terminals and others that require interaction with non-English speakers.

Hence, translating is an excellent career option for students who want to work as an accomplished translator or interpreter in Australia. The NAATI courses in Australia can prepare you for workplace challenges and get accreditation to practice in the country.  

However, students must meet the following eligibilities-

  • The student should be age 18 and above.
  • The students are required to give an entrance exam conducted by the institute or university.

The 24 weeks course trains students on the live projects to acquire professional skills. The passing rate of NAATI exam is around 10% to 15%, and that is quite low. The strict NAATI policy which aspirants need to go through and lack of preparation are the top factors.

The aspirants should enrol for a NAATI-approved course offered by approved universities or institutions. The universities will be able to impart knowledge to the students as the teachers are experienced professionals who are NAATI accredited professionals.

Here are the places where graduates can work:

  • Government agencies
  • Airports and terminals
  • Themed parks
  • Universities and schools
  • Law firms
  • Corporations

After completion of NAATI courses, students get five migration points from the Credentialed Community Language. It is a big boost for the PR in Australia for international students. Immigrants in Australia need 60 migration points to get a permanent residency.

Need to pursue NAATI courses in Australia?

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Top Study Options for International Students in Australia

Australia needs no introduction as a study destination. The country has a lot to offer to students coming from different nations. It has become a global education hub with thousands of students enrolling in the regional universities every year.
Education and Migration Consultant in Australia

Studying at Australian universities may be a dream come true. Studying in a foreign country need proper planning to avoid obstacles and problems in the educational journey. You will invest money, time and effort in the study. Any wrong decision will waste your money and precious time hampering to achieve your end goal. It is where migration and education consultants come handy for an overseas student. They can guide from immigration process to studying at the best universities in Australia.  

Know your passion and interest to choose a career option to study at Australian universities. You will get plenty of opportunities from certificate course to master’s degree with general or specialisation in any study field. The Australian education system offers over 22, 000 courses at 1100 educational institutions.

However, most of the international students prefer studying courses that bring up employment chances after graduation. Here are some of the study options:


If you want a career in the healthcare industry, nursing may be an ideal option for you. It is a popular option for compassionate and kind-hearted individuals. Nurses work dedicatedly in different settings to care, sympathise, and offer medicine to patients. Helping fellow beings regain health or save lives at critical condition make nursing a fulfilling profession.

Students studying nursing courses in Brisbane or other cities will get ready for the workplace challenges. The nursing programs are recognised with advanced training for students in the clinical settings to prepare for the industry.

Social Work

Countries are grappling with many issues like social injustice and inequality. Influential people are suppressing the voices of the minorities and underprivileged.

Does your heart beat for such neglected people? Study Master in Social Work from a top Australian university to prepare for your future career. The students are trained on simulated projects and field work to acquire market-oriented skills during the course. The demand for the skilled social worker is high in Australia and abroad.

Apart from that, courses in IT, accounting, engineering, teaching and education, public health, medicines, hospitality and management are equally popular among the students. The classes are advanced and known to enhance career prospects for graduates.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

What Do You Need to Be a Successful Accountant in Australia?

Australia continues to witness the growth of accounting professions. The country is expected to have 40k job openings by 2020, according to Australia’s Job Outlook. There is a substantial decrease in enrolment of local students in accounting studies. It is an excellent opportunity for overseas students to pursue higher education and prepares for the industry.

Accounting is one of the top study options in Australia. It has a quality education system and top-ranked universities offering excellent education in this area. The accounting courses in Brisbane or other cities are known to prepare students for workplace challenges. Qualifications and certifications help to start an accounting career in Australia.

Starting an accounting career is like a hard nut to crack. There is a stiff competition considering the number of candidates applying for jobs in the Australian market. Recruiters demand work experience and professional skills based on the local settings from candidates. It is a setback for overseas graduates to fulfil their Australian dream.

However, the Professional Year in Accounting helps in reaching the goal. It is a 44-week program consisting of a formal learning and internal placement with a hosting company. Graduates learn work ethic, values, communication skills, resume writing, personality development, and network with industry professionals in the program. It is a preparation for employment of accounting aspirants for jobs in Australia.

The accounting occupation is added in MLTSSL and STSOL category. It reflects the shortage of skilled accountants in the Australian industry. Every organisation needs accounting services for bookkeeping to the analysis of financial transactions occurred during a fiscal year. Assessing the condition, the accountants can tell the financial health of the firm. Any business decides future strategies and deals after analysing the data. It shows the importance of accountants in the business world of today.

Consult with education consultants in Melbourne or other states to know the top courses, study options, and job opportunities in Australia. The consultants are authorised to help you start a successful career in the chosen field.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Tips to Become a Permanent Resident in Australia

Australia is the third choicest destination to pursue higher education for overseas students. The students fall in love with Australia’s lifestyle, pleasant weather, liberal societies, and other privileges. Most of them want to live and work in Australia permanently. It is possible when aspirants acquire an Australia permanent residency visa from the concerned authority.

If you are one of the applicants, do follow the right procedures when applying for the same to Department of Home Affairs. Here is the pathway you need to follow in the application process:

1.Select the Right PR Visa

The path to PR is not easy and smooth. 40 migrant visas lead to PR in Australia for international students. Hence, you need to choose the right visa category based on your strength before applying for PR to the concerned authority.
Here are the famous migration visa categories:

Family-based permanent residency

If you have a family member as an Australia citizen or PR holder, then you are eligible to immigrate to the country. It is available to the following persons:

  • Partners
  • FiancĂ©es
  • Children
  • Dependent relatives

Work-Based Permanent Residency

If you are an employee of an Australian company, you are eligible for PR in different paths. Here are the popular ones for the migrants:

  • Employer Sponsored Workers – When an Australian company sponsors you to work in the country.
  • General Skilled Migration -It is a critical path for workers who aren’t sponsored but possess skills needed in Australia.
  • Skill Select – It is another vital path for candidates possessing skills in a specific field essential in Australia.
  • For Doctors and Nurses – PR is available to doctors and nurses but only on the need of the market.

  1. Check Visa Requirements

After selection of the right visa, find out the requirements needed in the process. Collect your essential documents like qualification, English proficiency, migration points, and others. The Department of Home Affair is the right place to find your eligibilities. Or, consult with Indian migration agents to assess your profile to get advice for improving chances.

  1. Lodge Expression of Interest

After selecting the right visa and documentation, you can lodge Expression of Interest (EOI) to DHA. Make sure to attach the supporting documents and qualification to complete the application properly before clicking the send button.

  1. Wait for a Decision from the Officials

After receiving your request, the officials will assess your profile and investigate your documents. Keep waiting for the reply till you get a reply from the authority on your application. The process may take weeks to several months to conclude.

  1. Apply for the PR Visa

Once your application is approved, an invitation is issued to selected candidates to apply for the PR visa to the authority. Keep ready the required fees and other essential documents to apply for the visa.

The visa will be issued for five years initially but will be renewed meeting eligibilities. You can enjoy benefits to work and live in Australia indefinitely.

Facing problems in outlining your PR pathway to Australia?      
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