Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to Find the Best Education Consultancy in Australia?

Planning to study higher education in Australia? If yes, you’ve taken the right decision of pursuing your higher education in the Australian universities. The country is a home to world-class universities offering courses in different fields of study to students. Further, the government is providing scholarships to deserving students studying at the local university. In this way, Australia has become the third most preferred destination for higher studies for international students after USA and UK.

As a foreign student, you will face several obstacles in the education process in Australia. Challenges will come in adjusting and finding a suitable home to live in the new place. Other than that, obstacles will arise in taking admission, career path, courses, and choosing universities. Hire top education consultants to offer guidance and help in starting your education journey successfully.

How to Get a Good Study Experience in Melbourne?

Melbourne has been ranked as the most liveable city in the world for sixth times consecutively. The metropolitan city houses top-ranked universities offering courses in various disciplines. Hence it has become a hotbed for international and local students to pursue their higher studies.

The decision on pursuing higher studies and career path should be taken after consultation with education experts. Hire the best education agent in Melbourne to improve your study experience quickly. They are expert and experienced in handling education-related problems efficiently. Hire the experts who know the education system, industry, and job market well to get an accurate guidance. In this way, you can get help in realising your dream in the chosen career.  

Tips to Choose the Best Education Agency

Your education experience depends upon the nature of agency hired for the purpose. Be careful in selecting an agency to avoid being cheated in the process. Hire an education consultant in Sydney using the following tips:

  • Possess legal authorisation to help you
  • Name is mentioned in university’s portal
  • Have knowledgeable staff to offer help
  • Provide reliable information without bias
  • Assure assistance in applying for scholarship
  • Possess good reviews from previous clients

Need expert’s help in starting your career in Australia? Hire AECC Global’s education experts for counselling and guidance in launching your career.

Monday, March 6, 2017

How to Get a Good Study Experience in Australia?

Australia is the third most favourite destination for international students to pursue their higher studies. The presence of a quality education system and top-ranked universities attract students from different nations. Training is offered on cutting edge technology utilising advanced curriculums to prepare candidates for their future profession. Hence it is an important step to get reputed certificate and get closer to a successful career in life.

Importance of Education Agents

Students are bound to face problems while studying in Australia. You may need help in choosing a career path, courses, admission in universities, and applying for a scholarship. Students must possess a clear knowledge about admission procedures of universities. Education consultant in Brisbane offers career counselling to students based on their career goal. You will get knowledge about the education system, job market, and other reliable information. It will help you to make an informed decision and improve your study experience in Australia. Hence you should hire an authorised and skilled consultant with previous experience in guiding international students.

Tips for Hiring an Education Agent

Your education experience will depend upon the quality of agents appointed for the purpose. Select a right agency to get an excellent service and avoid being cheated. All the agencies claim themselves to be the best and offering the right services. The best education agent in Sydney provides appropriate guidance and help in improving your education journey.

Things to look before hiring an agency:
  • Registration of the agency
  • Possess legal authorisation from universities to offer help in admission process
  • Have skilled staff to provide guidance and knowledge
  • Provide correct information and offers in your chosen course
  • Assistance in getting a scholarship (if applicable in the course)

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