Thursday, May 4, 2017

Why is PTE Academic Test Getting Popular?

Looking to take admission at an Australian university? If yes, you need an English proficiency skill certificate for admission as a non-native speaker. While there are many English language tests available in the market, PTE is one of them. Though the PTE Academic test was launched in 2009, yet it has got immense popularity among the takers globally. Wondering what could be the reasons for this demand surge? As an aspiring taker, you should know the benefits of taking this exam. Let us see:

1. Worldwide Acceptance and Recognition

PTE is recognised as a prominent English test and its score is accepted in reputed universities like Harvard, INSEAD and Yale for further education. Over 6000 organisations including educational institutions, governments, immigration agencies, and employers are receiving PTE scores for different purposes in major native speaking countries. For example, Department of Immigration and Border Protection is taking PTE score for providing visas, higher studies, and PR to migrants in Australia.

2. Modern Approach of Taking Test

Do you hate paper based exam? If you do, the PTE Australia is the right choice due to its modern approach to conducting the exam. You will take the test on a dedicated computer online for three hours and in a single sitting.

3. Transparent and Fair Score

The automatic software is employed in checking the answer of takers based on predefined guidelines. As no human examiner is involved, you would get a fair, accurate and impartial score every time.  

4. Availability of Flexible Dates and Centres

Another benefit of taking PTE exam is the availability of test dates of your choice. You can book and take the test 363 days a year in over 200 authorised centres available globally.

5. Acquire Exam Result Fast

Are you in a hurry of submitting your English skills score? Don’t worry, take PTE exam to get your exam result within business days after the test. Further, your score will remain live on official site for two years.
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