Monday, May 1, 2017

How Australia has emerged as a world-class education centre?

How lucky can you feel when you get the chance to study under the expert teacher who cares, loves and guides you, going beyond his comfort zone? Today, the trend of studying abroad is high among international students, and why not? They have several good reasons to validate their point to study at a foreign soil. So, are you one of those aspirants? If yes, you need to pass English proficiency test to be eligible for study in the ‘land of Kangaroo’. And for that, you can go for PTE booking in advance too. PTE is an exam to test English proficiency required for Visa and admission application.

Australia has earned a name and reputation in the global education market. Let us have a glimpse of the country, with less population, still advanced and well placed in the list of world quality education providers.

According to Ho Bhat An, an international student from Vietnam who studied in a leading institution in Brisbane, stated that he was overwhelmed by the friendly and professionalism of staff and faculties of the education institution. He added, “I’ve found the staff were very professional, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable delivering every possible help to candidates. Interaction with fellow international students helped me improve my communication skill in English further, and I really enjoyed my days as a student in the multi-cultural environment while studying in Australia”.

The significance of PTE

Let us tell you it is important to clear the PTE Australia exam to be eligible for getting the visa. The score of the test also holds significance for seeking admission in numerous courses. Like him, there are other hundreds of foreign students in Australia who also have the same things to say. It is the country where English proficiency is very crucial even the language is also used as a medium of instruction in the institutions. English is the only official language since 80% of the entire population speak it.

How is the education system in Australia?

Australian education system has been categorically divided into three broad categories which include a primary school, secondary and tertiary education, featuring into both private and public institutions. The government fully funds the public institution; however, the private institution also gets funded by Government to some extent.

The country also has a unique education system in the tertiary category. Vocational training and education course are offered to students. The aim of the course is just to equip students the competencies, skill sets in specific areas to be employable in the job market. The technical and further education (TAFE) institutions offer many kinds of training courses ranging from undergraduate degree (Bachelor) courses and advanced diploma. However, to be eligible for all such training and courses, you need to pass the PTE Academic exam.  

Upon your arrival, you can also look forward where to study and which course to do. The country has many destinations for quality education such as Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, etc. You will find a wide range of courses where you can go for specialisation based on your Pearson Test in English.

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