Monday, April 24, 2017

Top Benefits of Taking PTE Test for International Students

Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is accepting PTE scores for immigration, employment and admission of foreign students in local universities. Due to acceptance of PTE score, the number of international students taking up PTE Academic Test has been increasing dramatically over the years. Additionally, PTE Australia has become a sought-after exam for non-speakers living in the island country to get certification within a short time.

Let us see the benefits of taking this exam:

1. Get Exam Result Quickly

If you hate waiting for the result after taking your exam, then PTE test is right for you. It typically offers the exam result within five business days. Hence it would be helpful especially when you need to submit PTE score to institutions at the earliest.

2. Transparent Marking System

Another benefit of taking PTE is the consistent rating. The automatic software offers marking analysing the answers of candidates based on predefined guidelines without any human interference. It means you will get an honest and impartial score every time.

3. Worldwide Recognition and Acceptance

Besides Australia, the PTE is accepted in over 6000 organisations including educational institutions, employers, immigration agencies, and governments of foreign countries. In fact, this number is expected to rise steadily across the globe.

4. Secure and Trusted Score

Palm, vein, and retina of takers are scanned to ensure the score obtained is authentic. It makes your score credible to education institutions and universities during evaluation.

5. Flexible Test Date Available

Finding of a test date is easy for takers with PTE. You can book and take the test in over 250 authorised centres globally and 363 days a year. Additionally, you can schedule your test just 48 hours before the exam.

If you’ve decided to take PTE exam, you need a proper preparation based on the current formats to get the desired score in the first attempt. The standard price of booking the test is $330. But, you can get 10% discount on the original price using a PTE promo code. Contact our AECC Global office to get the code and book your test immediately. 

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