Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The important details about Pearson Test of English

Willing to take admission in a leading Australian university on your preferred subject? The first thing you need to do is showing your English language proficiency. And it must be proved through the PTE exam. It stands for Pearson Test of English which is an online exam testing your skill level of your English language. Australia, being an English-speaking country, made it mandatory for all immigrants coming from non-English speaking countries to possess the language proficiency to avoid any unemployment issue or any form of inconveniences.

 It is important for the overseas students to be proficient in English because without the skill they will find difficult to understand what teachers or faculties teach in classes. Everything from writing an assignment, attending seminars, listening lectures and giving exams require a level of proficiency to catch.

 However, even if you do not have proficiency, never mind. You can still learn the language and then can apply for a visa for study in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’. Before you move further, here has a helpful glimpse at these four essential facts of Pearson Test of English.

 Four important facts about Pearson Test of English

Four sections in PTE test: - Pearson PTE test has four sections to attempt. These are listening, reading, writing and speaking and each of these sections carry its mark. So, you must attempt all sections well giving an equal amount of time and importance of each of them.

 Need to pay while booking PTE test: - The PTE Test is of course, not for free and aspirants willing to sit for it would be required to pay online through online banking and credit card.

PTE is an online test: - The test is conducted online, and it benefits candidates because there is no chance of getting a biased score in the test. 

PTE has discount voucher: - When you want to book PTE exam, mind it that you can avail discount coupon. Purchasing it will enable you to save AUD 33 and only you need to pay AUD 297 after 10% discount from the total standard cost of AUD 330.

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