Friday, December 15, 2017

3 Things to Remember When Hiring an Education Agent in Australia

The popularity of overseas education has led to the emergence of students planning to study abroad. If you happen to be a student pursuing higher education in Australia¸ you need to hire an education consultant Sydney to get proper information about the career opportunities and other options.

However, there are many situations in which overseas students have been misguided by the education agents and have lost their time and money and even risked their visas. So, if you want to seek any help from an education expert or migration agent, you can adhere to the following tips to identify the right agent for you:

Choose an authorised representative

Any education agent can claim to be an official representative of an educational institution or university. You need to check whether the agent is an authorised representative of the institution or not. Under the Australia Law, every Australian institute or university that uses the services of an education consultant or agent needs to have a contract with him/her as well as list him/her on its website. You can confirm this by going through the institute’s website to see if the agent is listed there.

Your agent should have expertise in the Australian market

Only an education or migration agent in Melbourne who has experience in helping overseas students can understand your problem and help you resolve it. There are many agents who will offer you in-depth knowledge of the Australian education system, visa requirements and PR options. Don’t forget to check if the agent whom you are looking to hire has experience of being an overseas student himself or not.

Your agent should be honest with you

An education consultant or agent doesn’t guarantee a permanent visa or work placement in Australia. Their job is to guide you through the best education pathway. You should keep away from the one who promises you a permanent residency (PR) or employment in exchange for money.

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