Thursday, October 6, 2016

How to Get Discounts in Taking PTE Test?

Pearson Test of English is an international test used to validate and certify English proficiency of non-speakers globally. The test is conducted by PLC Group in a single 3-hour computer-based test. The test assesses speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills of takers. It has become a fast, secure, and a reliable way of assessing English proficiency for international students. The exam results are given within 5 business days to takers. It saves time and enables a taker to send scores to different universities for admission. This is why PTE test has become of one of the most preferred tests in the English testing field globally.

Here are the benefits of taking this exam:
  • Get exam result within 5 business days
  • Real-life and academic questions
  • No ambiguous questions that create confusion
  • Transparent marking system giving a reliable score
  • No biased or human errored scores
  • Accepted in immigration, study, and work in foreign countries

Use of PTE Voucher

If you have decided to take PTE exam, book your test prior and prepare for the exam. There are 150 authorized PTE exam centers spread across the globe. Takers can book the test 363 days a year and take the exam at the nearest or in a preferred location.

The PTE test booking is done online using debit and credit card by the takers. If you have failed to book the test with online payment systems, buy a PTE voucher with cash and use in booking the test. Vouchers contain a code which can be used in booking the test online.

The original cost of taking PTE test is $330. It means takers need to spend that amount taking the exam every time. Some students need to take the exam repeatedly until the needed score is achieved. Taking the exam repeatedly cause financial constraints for students. AECC Global, an authorized reseller of PTE voucher, is offering vouchers with 10% discount. Buy PTE voucher to book the PTE-A test online and avail a 10% discount on the fee. Contact us today to buy a voucher and book your test immediately.

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