Friday, September 30, 2016

Key Tips for PTE Test Preparation

A higher English proficiency score is one of the many factors needed to be eligible study, work, and live abroad. Governments, education institutions, immigration officials, and others demand high English proficiency for effective conversation while living or working in that country. Hence, achieving a higher proficiency score is important for international students to start an illustrious career abroad.

Pearson Test of English

In English testing field, several agencies offering certification to international students globally. Pearson PLC Group is a new agency conducting PTE Test of English for an international student to certify proficiency. The computer-based international test is conducted in over 150 authorized centers globally. Most takers love PTE as it is a fast, reliable, and secure assessment of English language.

Special Benefits of Taking PTE Test

The exam results are given within 5 working days. This allows takers to apply for admission in different universities and save time who are in a bit of hurry. Agency enables takers to book the test 363 days a year in the authorized centers. The scores of PTE are accepted for immigration, education, employment, and others in over 6000 organizations. Takers can book and take their test unlimitedly unless the right score is achieved.

Tips for Preparation for the Test

The test consists of four sections: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. There are 20 different formats and several items in the test. Practices are needed to prepare well in every section to increase the overall scores. A PTE test checks proficiency of the non-speakers using real life questions and academic content in the prompts. No test is easy and needs rigorous practices before taking the exam.
Here are the preparation tips that would be helpful in increasing scores in the test:

  • Know the complete syllabus of PTE test
  • Find genuine study material for preparation
  • Register online for regular mock tests
  • Find weaker sections and check improvements with practices
  • Find out your potential scores
  • Start early for preparation
  • Join PTE coaching to get expert guidance
  • Buy PTE kits for practicing rigorously

Use Voucher to Book PTE Test

Many students need to repeat the test to get the desired score needed for a particular application. In this situation, takers face financial constraints spelling-out $330 every time while taking the test. To avoid financial problems, buy PTE voucher from official resellers to get discounts. Use the voucher code in booking PTE-A test and get a 10% discount on the original fee. Contact our AECC Global Office to buy PTE voucher and book the test immediately.

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