Friday, March 30, 2018

How NAATI Courses Help Getting PR in Australia?

Most of the overseas students aim for permanent residency after completion of studies in Australia. No one can resist pleasant weather condition, conducive environment, high living standard, exciting outdoor activities, and so on make Australia a paradise on Earth. However, the pathway to permanent residency in Australia is not smooth. Aspirants need to meet eligibilities and acquire qualification to apply for PR.

The PR in Australia for international students prove as a boon to fulfil their dream and aspirations. Permanent residence is the permit to live and work in Australia without any restriction. The holder can move out and in of the country for an indefinite time. Medicare, ability to sponsor relatives for PR, Australian born children, and facilities that are almost at par with original citizens.

Numerous pathways are available for aspirants to realise this dream. The Point Test System is the most popular one for aspirants. However, aspirants must accumulate minimum sixty migration point to lodge Expression of Interest to Department of Home Affairs.

If you are still aware how to increase your migration points, here is how the points are given to the candidates:

  • Highest education qualification
  • English language proficiency
  • Partner skills
  • Overseas work experience
  • Certification with NAATI course
  • Professional Year program
  • Nominated occupation
  • Age
  • Meet regional study requirement

As NAATI certification is one of the remarkable ways of acquiring migration points, aspirants can use this to proceed in the PR pathway. Studying NAATI courses in Australia also help students to prepare for a career in interpreting and translating industry.

The scope of getting a translating job is enormous in Australia. It is a country of immigrants, and many don’t understand the English language creating gaps in communication. The courses prepare international students to be a professional in the relevant industry. Specialised training facility and workshop are organised for students in the classroom.

Students graduating on a NAATI course enjoy high employability and get five migration points from Credentialed Community Language.

Thousands of students aim for permanent residence, but few applicants are invited to apply for PR in Australia.  Consult with Nepalese migration agents for advice to improve your chance.

Where to seek help from?

Consult with AECC Global migration consultants to get a blueprint for your PR pathway. Speak to our experts for help today.

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