Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why International Nurses Join IRON Program in Australia?

The population of Australia is growing rapidly over the years. Qualified nurses are required to offer healthcare services to growing population of the country. Local nursing graduates won’t be sufficient to meet the demand of professionals in the market. Hence it is an excellent opportunity for foreign nurses to get a job in the healthcare sector quickly.

IRON Program in Australia

Australia is a hub for international nurses to launch their careers. Registered nurses enjoy higher employability and pay than peers working globally. Further, Australia follows high standard nursing practices to deliver quality healthcare services to its citizens.

Though foreign nurses are trained and experienced, they require orientation based on the local settings. As nursing practices differ among countries, candidates need to acquire skills at par with a local counterpart to be eligible for the job. IRON program in Australia is a bridging course started to help foreign nurses to start their career quickly. Candidates need a recognised nursing degree and minimum 3-month work experience to be eligible for this program.

The IRON program for nurses is a 13-week bridging course necessary for aspirants to qualify for registration as a nurse. The program consists of a formal learning and internship with a local settings or hospital to deliver a real work experience.

The top benefits of the IRON program for nurses:
  • Be ready for the Australian market
  • Acquire professional skills necessary in nursing industry
  • Develop communication skills
  • Know legal framework and key responsibilities
  • Improve your customer service skills
  • Get registration from AHPRA
  • Network with peers and industry experts
  • Develop interview facing skills and writing resume

Importance of Education Consultant for Foreign Students

Studying in Australia is a good decision for foreign students. But, you need guidance based on the career path and goal in life. Assistance is essential to select the right course, education institutions, career options, and apply for a scholarship based on the goal. The best educational consultants offer accurate information and guidance needed to achieve success in life. Contact our AECC Global’s education experts to know about the IRON program and help to start an illustrious career immediately. 

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